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2nd SKIPC – Results of Final Round Announced

The results of Final Round on August 11, 2018, have been announced as follows;

No. Name Nationality
First Prize 46 Andrei SHYCHKO Belarus
Second Prize 27 Nail MAVLIUDOV Russia
Third Prize 12 Ayumu IBARAKI Japan
Fourth Prize 49 Jialin YAO China
Fifth Prize 26 Scott MACISAAC Canada
Sixth Prize 1 Shuhei AOSHIMA Japan
Audience Award 46 Andrei SHYCHKO Belarus
GRANDBEAT DP-CMX1 Award 46 Andrei SHYCHKO Belarus
Sonata Award 26 Scott MACISAAC Canada
Little Pianist Award 46 Andrei SHYCHKO  Belarus
Zen-on Award 1 Shuhei AOSHIMA Japan
49 Jialin YAO China

Congratulations to the prize winners!!

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