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4th SKIPC – Announcement of Results of Pre-selection and Notice of Postponement

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the postponement of the announcement of the results of the Pre-selection of the 4th Shigeru Kawai International Piano Competition, which was scheduled for March 10th.

As a result of the Pre-selection in each area, we are pleased to announce the results of the Pre-selection of the 4th SKIPC. Please click here.

We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the competitors who have passed the rigorous Pre-selection.

On the other hand, due to the current tense international situation, we have had to carefully reconsider the possibility of hosting the Competition this summer. Unfortunately, the Competition Committee have taken the regrettable decision to postpone the Competition for one year, as it would be difficult to welcome all of the competitors from abroad, as well as the jury members and accompanists to Japan in the best and safest condition. This was a very difficult decision for us to take, but we ask for your kind understanding.

All competitors who passed the Pre-selection this time will be considered to have the right to participate in the First Round, which will be held from the end of July to August, 2023.

Details such as the new schedule will be announced on the official Competition website as soon as possible.
We will continue our sincere efforts to host the competition in 2023, and would be grateful for your continued support of the Competition and the competitors as before.

Lastly, the Shigeru Kawai International Competition Committee considers the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine to be unacceptable. We also regret that it has deprived many young pianists the opportunity to participate and perform in the international music competitions.
The purpose of the SKIPC is to promote international cultural exchange and to contribute to the development of music by nurturing the next generation of pianists from around the world. We sincerely hope that the world can return to a more peaceful state as soon as possible, and the Competition can continue to be held in a safe and secure environment.

Shigeru Kawai International Piano Competition Committee

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